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Online Media Group / OMG

This company has concentrated on getting some of the best merchants around, especially in the finance and insurance sectors. One of the ways it does this is by pandering to the whims of merchants, in way that does a diservice to the entire industry.

Over the years, we have managed to learn quite a lot about the internal workings of this company, some of which leaves you surprised that they have not already gone bust.

For example, almost every merchant here has extra terms and conditions in addition to the ones in the omg contract. These are usually almost identical, except for the subtle differences in the quality of lawyering involved in the phrasing. A suggestion of one way to improve the system was for omg to collect these contracts, and see if there were standard equivalents which could be offered to the merchants instead of every merchant writing their own variant. They wouldn't even put it forward as a suggestion. In fact, it is worse than this because some comments made by staff at omg imply that thay actually encourage merchants to have extra bespoke terms and conditions.

Another mistake they make is to actively encourage merchants to review applications, which results in almost half of the programs we apply for being Denied. They are not the only company which makes this mistake, but at least the others have something in place to correct these mistakes. What happens at omg is that you have to contact your affiliate manager, who then contacts the merchant, who usually answers the wrong question, as often happens with chinese whispers. The end result is that you almost never get a denial reversed (unlike at Tradedoubler). This is not the only problem we have seen with the chinese whispers.

We have found that we get more problems from omg than from all the other affiliate marketting companies combined, and we know of a number of affiliates who have either quit affiliate marketting altogether because of omg or have seriously thought about it and then just dumped omg.

The following merchants are all Denied and you can't talk with anyone with the power to fix this:

  1. Alliance and Leicester personal loans - Denied
  2. Alliance and Leicester premier direct current account - Denied
  3. Easymoney car insurance - denied
  4. elephant.co.uk insurance - denied
  5. Endsleigh car insurance - denied
  6. Liverpool victoria car insurance - denied
  7. liverpool victoria home insurance - denied
  8. Lloyds tsb credit card - denied
  9. mbna platinum card - denied
  10. mnba points card - denied
  11. mnba wwf card - denied

Work on these new merchants is effectively locked out due to a change in the silly overly litigous contract, which owing to the demise of DGM we don't have time to waste a couple of days reviewing:

  1. Accepted Secured Loans
  2. approved car finance
  3. Avon Cosmetics
  4. Barclaycard Business card
  5. Barclays car insurance
  6. Barclays home insurance
  7. Bennets bike insurance
  8. cancer research uk
  9. Chase Saunders Secured Loans
  10. Churchill car insurance
  11. Churchill home insurance
  12. Churchill van insurance
  13. Green flag breakdown insurance
  14. H Samuel
  15. Its4me car insurance
  16. liverpool victoria unsecured loans
  17. Norwich Union car insurance
  18. Norwich Union van insurance
  19. Norwich Union home insurance
  20. Norwich Union single trip travel insurance
  21. Norwich Union annual travel insurance
  22. Swinton car insurance
  23. Virgin Money credit card
  24. Virgin Money cancer cover
  25. Virgin Money car insurance
  26. Virgin Money home insurance
  27. Virgin Money life insurance
  28. Virgin Money pet insurance - pending (this might have changed by now, but as long as we are locked out, we can't check!!!)
  29. West Bromwich building society mortgages

If not for the silly contract, we could also be promoting:

  1. Ampilian (jewelry)
  2. Lloyds TSB Credit Card which is a Capped program
  3. The NSPCC
  4. More Than insurance
  5. Barclays travel insurance
  6. Capital One Savings accounts
  7. First Active mortgages
  8. First Plus loans