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Affiliate marketing companies

You might wonder what an affiliate marketing company does. They are the people that enable you to change the links on your website so you get commission.

Most of these companies provide you with lots of companies that you can sign up with, taking care of managing the individual commissions and making sure that you get them easily.

NOTE: a lot of companies are dumping new york based affiliates based on the short sighted New York Affiliate Tax

With the demise of DGM and the total failure of the entire industry to take advantage of it, we thought that it was time to write up How affiliate marketing should work.

Examples of this sort of company include:

  1. Affiliate Future
  2. Affiliate Shop
  3. Affiliate Window
  4. Affinity Arc - now gone
  5. Befree
  6. BMT Micro
  7. Buy.at
  8. Capped Affiliate Programs
  9. ClickBank
  10. ClickXchange
  11. ClixGalore
  12. Commission Junction
  13. Denied Affiliate programs
  14. DGM2 - now gone
  15. DGM Australia
  16. eLogicom
  17. Expired Affiliate Programs
  18. Fusionquest
  19. Income Access
  20. Independent Affiliate Programs
  21. Kowabunga
  22. Leadhound
  23. Linkshare
  24. Online Media Group / OMG
  25. Pending affiliate Programs
  26. Shareasale
  27. Trade Doubler
  28. UK Affiliates
  29. Zanox

See also Zyra's affiliate companies page for a more comprehensive list.

We also have a list of Dead Merchants.