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Denied Affiliate Programs

So what is a denied affiliate program? quite simply it is an affiliate program where we applied and were turned down.

To end up on this page, a Company needs to have not only subscribed to a number of dubious assumptions, but then made a set of mistakes which cause problems because of those assumptions.

The first mistake they need to have made is to assume that they can control who links to them. In the general case, this is an obvious fallacy, but in the specific case of affiliate marketing there is some justification for saying that it is possible. Of course the persistence of pages, and the ability to forward the link to friends who have been accepted makes a bit of a nonsense of this. Even if it were possible, the question of who they want to be second on search engines usually has not been considered.

The next dubious assumption they have to agree with is that it is a good idea to do this, which makes it a permission based programme. As a well run affiliate program doesn't cost the merchant anything to have an advert displayed, this is free advertising. The only time there should be any cost is either per lead, or per sale, depending on the merchant's business model. In other words, no result, no cost.

Then they typically have to decide to manually approve people for the programme. Generally, this takes way too long (the worst case I've experienced so far is six months), and generally leads to hasty and incorrect results, most of which seem to get overturned on appeal. A number of these bad decisions are offensive (with comments like "We don't want to be associated with a site like yours!"). Others are just plain silly (like the refusal of this site for a charity credit card program when we already promote both the charity in question and credit cards). Similarly, turning us down for an expired affiliate program doesn't really add up in most cases. In any case, the number and high percentage of u-turns implies that there are serious problems with how they work in practise.

Companies can have denied us from an affiliate programme for a number of reasons, and some of these reasons are quite good. If they tell us why and it is reasonable, it might be moved to the expired programs page. If it is a capped program, we will move it to the Capped Programs page. Others reasons are not so good, but mostly the reason is not given and is also hard to find out when you appeal, especially as some of the merchants won't talk to affiliates.

If you are on this page and don't like it, talk to us, and we may be able to do something about it.

Here is a list of those that have denied us, won't talk to us, and which we would like to have change their mind:

  1. 3 store denied at buy.at
  2. Action Aid denied at Tradedoubler
  3. Alliance and Leicester personal loans denied at OMG
  4. Alliance and Leicester premier direct current account denied at OMG
  5. AOL Broadband denied at Tradedoubler
  6. Bank of Scotland credit card - denied at Commission Junction when they changed their conditions
  7. Best Western Hotels UK denied at Tradedoubler
  8. Boat U.S. insurance denied at Commission Junction
  9. British Airways UK denied at Tradedoubler
  10. Brussels Airlines denied at Tradedoubler
  11. BT Business Broadband denied at Tradedoubler
  12. BT Shop approved then denied at Tradedoubler
  13. BT Total Broadband denied at Tradedoubler
  14. Capital One loans denied at Commission Junction even though we are on the Capital One savings account program
  15. Citibank Credit Cards denied at Commission Junction
  16. Cottages4you denied at Tradedoubler
  17. Credit Expert denied at Tradedoubler
  18. Dabs.com we were on the old program, but when they got a new one, denied at Tradedoubler
  19. Direct line insurance denied at Tradedoubler
  20. Disneyland Paris GB denied at Tradedoubler
  21. Easymoney car insurance denied at OMG
  22. Elephant.co.uk insurance denied at OMG
  23. Endsleigh car insurance denied at OMG
  24. Flybe denied at Tradedoubler
  25. Foyles Books denied at Affiliate Window
  26. Guitar Trader denied at Commission Junction
  27. Halifax Car insurance denied at Tradedoubler
  28. Harrods denied at Tradedoubler
  29. Hertz UK denied at Tradedoubler
  30. Hilton Hotels denied at Tradedoubler
  31. Homechoice denied at Commission Junction
  32. Hoseasons Holidays denied at Tradedoubler
  33. Jet2Holidays.com denied at Tradedoubler
  34. JS Travel Insurance denied at Tradedoubler
  35. Jury's Doyle Hotels denied at Tradedoubler
  36. Kodak denied at Commission Junction
  37. Liverpool Victoria car insurance denied at OMG
  38. Liverpool Victoria home insurance denied at OMG
  39. Lloyds tsb credit card denied
  40. Lobstergram denied at Commission Junction
  41. Marbles Credit Cards denied at Commission Junction
  42. Marks & Spencer denied at Commission Junction
  43. MBNA platinum credit card denied at OMG
  44. MBNA points Credit Cards denied at OMG
  45. MBNA WWF Credit Cards denied at OMG
  46. Money Search loans denied at Commission Junction
  47. More Than, for arbitrary reasons
  48. Morgan Stanley Credit Cards denied at Commission Junction
  49. National Car Rental denied at Tradedoubler
  50. NatWest Business accounts denied at Tradedoubler
  51. Neilson Active Holidays denied at Tradedoubler
  52. Newspaper Subscriptions denied at Commission Junction
  53. NTL Broadband - bought by virgin and denied from the new Capped program
  54. One Stop Travel Insurance denied at Tradedoubler after having us at Affiliate Window
  55. Orange Shop denied at buy.at
  56. Orchard Bank Credit Cards denied at Commission Junction (problems from their lawyers, but at least they will talk to us)
  57. Record Rent a Car denied at Tradedoubler
  58. Safeway denied at Commission Junction
  59. Sixt Rent a Car denied at Tradedoubler
  60. Stena Line UK denied at Tradedoubler
  61. Suncamp Holidays denied at Tradedoubler
  62. TalkTalk Broadband denied at Tradedoubler
  63. Tesco Broadband denied at Tradedoubler
  64. The GM Credit Card denied at Tradedoubler
  65. The Whisky Exchange denied at Affiliate Window
  66. TomTom denied at Tradedoubler
  67. Trend Micro denied at Commission Junction
  68. Waterstones denied at Tradedoubler
  69. World Perks Credit Cards denied at Commission Junction