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Internet Tools

The internet is the backbone upon which the modern communications infrastructure works. It is also the basis for E-commerse. To get the most out of it, you need various tools.

To get connected you need:

  1. Internet Service Providers

Once connected, you need to look at stuff, for which you need:

  1. Web browsers
  2. Email clients
  3. News clients
  4. Peer to Peer programs
  5. Voice over IP / Web Telephony

To have your own real website you need:

  1. Domain Name Registration
  2. Hosting services
  3. Affiliate Marketing Companies

If you are daft enough to rely on Microsoft for your operatinng system you also need:

  1. Anti-Virus Software
  2. Internet filtering software

For E-commerse you need:

  1. Affiliate Marketing Companies
  2. Web Payment methods

And to make use of an office or home network you need:

  1. Network Filing Systems
  2. Port scanners