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Encompassing the Whole World Xyroth Enterprises is a professional company which has been in existence since 1983 and has been creating hypertext systems ever since. There has been an online presence since August 2000, which has been continually expanding and becoming more encompassing up until the present day where it is the extensive website and portal / directory that you see now.

So just how extensive is it?... Well, there are over 800 pages which are conceptually interlinked, and cover almost anything you could think off as can be seen from the fact that there are over 2500 different things mentioned in the Site Index (in alphabetical order).

esperanto flag So how do we do it?... we get paid commission by various Companies when people buy things via one of the Affiliate Marketing links, which brings in enough income to leave me free to create lots of uncommercial things.

Speaking of uncommercial things, See the category of Charities.

Actually, there are now so many pages and Companies that pay us commission that we have now had to split them up into more than 60 Categories covering stuff as diverse as AntiVirus Software, Books, Finance, Language, Movies and Wine Suppliers.

General SemanticsBut it isn't just blatantly commercial stuff, as it also covers varius scientific effects, a whole Timeline of historical events and happenings, various book and movie reviews and research into things as strange as Cultural Morphology, Nexialism, General Semantics and Applied Wombling.

In fact, there has now got be be so much stuff on here that as well as the Categories and the Site Index we have also had to create a What's New Index to keep track of what has been created or updated recently. If you have any ideas or links that you think would improve this site, then contact us and we will see if it will fit with the site philosophy.

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