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Download ZoneAlarm Security Suite

Zone Alarm from Zone Labs

Zone Labs are the makers of the well known makers of the firewall software "Zone Alarm".

Unlike a number of their competitors, they remember their early history, and still retain as the entry level application the freely downloadable "Zone Alarm" firewall.

However like their competitors, they could not remain in their niche market and have expanded their range of software considerably. All their other software includes automatic wireless network configuration.

An extension of their range is "Zone Alarm Pro". This extends the firewall to include ID theft and privacy protection, ad-blocking and pop-up blocking.

Another extension is "Zone Alarm Anti-Virus". This adds virus scanning and protection to the firewall.

Another extension is "IMsecure Pro", which helps with your instant messaging sessions, but doesn't include the firewall.

Finaly, you have "Zone Alarm Security Suite", which includes all of these, and site filtering and anti-phishing filtering as well.

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