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World Vision

World Vision is one of the world's leading relief and development agencies, helping over 85 million people in nearly 100 countries in their struggle against poverty.

One way they do this is through Child Sponsership.

The Alternative Gift Catalogue from World Vision provides a real way for supporters to buy gifts for their friends and family. It also provides families and communities in the developing world with a way to work their way out of poverty.

How it works - The UK recipient gets a gift certificate printed in a personalised card - each card is digitally printed to celebrate the wedding, birthday or other special occasion.

The actual gifts; goats, mosquito nets, fish farms or mud stoves are provided through World Vision via the long term programmes in the developing world. The communities we work with request all the gifts in the catalogue.

Together you will make a positive difference to children families and their communities. Thank you.

Sponsor a child with Worlvision Here

Visit World Vision's Alternative Gifts Catalogue here

Oops, you can't.

World Vision http://www.sponser.org.uk/ claims it has an affiliate program with Tradedoubler, but you can't find it when you look.

This makes it an Expired Affiliate Program until we can sort out what is going on.