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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance comes in two parts, only one of which is sold honestly. Medical Travel insurance is about making sure that if anything happens to you on holiday, you can get treated and returned to your local hospital if needed. As long as you check about existing conditions, you should be OK.

The dishonesty comes in two cases. first there is the medical problems you don't know you have, but a good insurance company doesn't hold your ignorance against you. Then there is the insurance for your stuff. if you claim, they then claim against your home insurance, who pays out.

Both scenarios are very dishonest, as how can you tell them about a pre-existing condition which is undiagnosed, and why do they insist on charging you to insure your stuff when they know that they are not taking the risk they are charging you for.

If you travel abroad more than 3 times a year, you should consider annual insurance instead of per trip insurance.

The following companies provide travel insurance:

  1. Flexicover Travel Insurance
  2. Go Travel Insurance
  3. Columbus Direct Travel Insurance
  4. American Express Travel Insurance
  5. The AA Travel Insurance
these companies have an Expired Affiliate program:
  1. Asda Travel Insurance
  2. Airflights Direct Travel Insurance
  3. Barclays Travel Insurance
  4. Lloyds TSB Travel insurance
  5. Norwich Union Travel Insurance
and we were Denied by:
  1. 1 Stop Travel Insurance at Tradedoubler
  2. JS Travel insurance at Tradedoubler
These companies have stopped doing travel insurance:
  1. Journey Guard Travel Insurance