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The site philosophy of Xyroth Enterprises and Xyroth

There are a few important ideas that have been used to generate this site, and I will try to write them up well.

1. Content is much more important than looking flashy. This means that pictures will be small, reused, and avoided completely on most pages. This means that it will be a mainly text site.

2. If you don't need to use a complex method to do something, then do it the simple way. More people with more different systems will be able to look at your site that way.

3. Whenever something external to the site is linked to several times, it should get written up, and the external links should only go from that page. This means that if a site which is linked to changes it's name, or vanishes totally, it will only affect the one page.

4. A html page should be short, to the point, and tightly focussed on the idea that it is about. It should also only have one or two different link terms linking to it, so that anyone who has more than a cursory glance at the site can easily recognise that those links connect to that (internal to the site) page. As a side effect, it eliminates the "assumed viewing paths" problem, so that the page can then sensibly be linked to from anywhere within the site, without confusion.

5. I can't spell, or find a good spell checker, so getting the idea written is much more important than getting the grammar, spelling or capitalisation correct. Having said that, if you spot a typographical error of some sort, Faulty information, or a dangling link, email me mentioning the pagename, the error, and if you can see it, what the correction should be, and I will try to fix it as soon as I can. However, a few of the things that look like errors (like not capitalising NASA in the middle of a sentence) are done that way on purpose so that they don't detract from what is trying to be said.

6. All reports of errors or problems with the site are welcome, and will be immediately noted, and will be acted upon as soon as is reasonable (all other things permitting).

7. All suggestions for improvements or expansions are welcome, will be read, seriously thought about, and if they fit with this site's philosophy, will probably be added as soon as time allows. If a suggestion is found not to fit with these ideas, then I will try to email back to you with an explanation why, so that if you still think it ought to be on here, you can look for a way around the problem.

8. On any given day the site should be a well written and constructed, self consistent, continually expanding, high quality site. As expansion is always in progress, at any point it will by it's nature have logically missing bits that I haven't had time to write yet. If you spot any notable omissions please e-mail me and let me know what you have spotted.

100%html9. If possible, then this site should be viewable with any browser at all, either text or graphical under any operating system. I am therefore happy to support the anybrowser compaign. Every so often I used to put the active links page through the anybrowser link checker, Until it got too big. Now I only use Xenu's link checker instead.

10. Any information collected by the organiser of this site will be kept as private as possible from everyone outside the Xyroth enterprises group of websites and the Wierd Company group of websites. Obviously, mistakes sometimes happen and private information could be released by accident. Reasonable care will be taken to minimise the occurances of this error.

11. We run a Deep Linking Policy here, so any page you link to should not become a broken link. Some companies have a funny attitude to this, and tend not to be advertised here.