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As they say themselves, " Oxfam is a development, relief and campaigning organisation, founded over sixty years ago to help overcome poverty and suffering. Today, there are millions of people living in poverty across the world. Each and every day is a struggle for survival. Oxfam works in over 70 countries worldwide, helping people to work their own way out of poverty. We believe that everyone is entitled to a life of dignity and opportunity and we work with poor communities, local partner organisations, volunteers and supporters to make this a reality. Through this work, many thousands of families are working their own way out of poverty - by building wells to access clean safe water, enabling children to gain access to education or growing crops to ensure an adequate food supply. We rely upon public donations and your support will help us continue our vital work with the world’s poorest people. The money we receive really can make the difference between life and death."

Oxfam.org.uk has an Expired Affiliate Program.