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Movies; Dogma (1999)

Take couple of angels who have been cast out of heaven, desperately seeking a way back, a couple of muses, a black apostle with a 2000 year old grudge, and a good strong poke at the dogmatic attitudes of the catholic church, and you end up with this good film.

With an incredible cast, the film "Dogma" was made in cooperation with filmfour.

It also includes a brief appearence by Alanis Morissette near the end.

Written and directed by Kevin Smith.


  1. Ben Affleck / Bartleby
  2. Matt Damon / Loki
  3. Linda Fiorentino / Bethany
  4. Salma Hayek / Serendipity
  5. Jason Lee / Azrael
  6. Jason Mewes / Jay
  7. Alan Rickman / Metatron
  8. Chris Rock / Rufus
  9. George Carlin / Cardinal Glick
  10. Bud Cort / John Doe Jersey
  11. Alanis Morissette / God
  12. Kevin Smith / Silent Bob
  13. Janeane Garofalo / Clinic Girl

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