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Unused external links

This is a housekeeping page containing all those things that I think I would like to link to when I get a sensible place to link from.

  1. Time-Line Computer Archive
  2. A Free Software Manifesto For All Of US: The Family Guide To Digital Freedom
  3. Clipperz online password manager - Freedom and privacy in the cloud: A call for action
  4. Computer and Information Science Papers CiteSeer Publications Research Index
  5. case study: Largo still loves Linux
  6. Martian Headsets
  7. Program Library Howto
  8. Seven Things we're tired of hearing from software hackers: The Family Guide To Digital Freedom
  9. The Web Robot Pages
  11. Artemis Society International
  12. Peng Travel britains only naturist travel agent
  13. steghide steganography tool
  14. html tidy
  15. surfraw console based search tool
  16. bind domain name server
  17. nicq internet messaging and chat
  18. licq internet chat program
  19. krecord sound recorder
  20. gdam digital dj
  21. beast tracker
  22. soundtracker sequencer
  23. jazz++ sequencer
  24. realplayer streaming media tool
  25. mpg123 console mp3 player
  26. xmms mp3 player
  27. winamp mp3 player
  28. freeamp mp3 player now called zinf due to intellectual property litigation by winamp
  29. shoutcast mp3 stream server
  30. icecast mp3 stream server
  31. grip cdplayer/ripper
  32. qtcd cdplayer/ripper
  33. koffice office suite
  34. star office office suite
  35. wordperfect word processor
  36. abiword word processor
  37. bluefish html editor
  38. code commander / glimmer programmers text editor
  39. diskdrake hard disk partitioning tool
  40. 3dom solid 3d modeller
  41. gimp gnu image manipulation program
  42. stuffit expander
  43. apache web server
  44. rally trophy game
  45. creative audigy sound card
  46. the future network.plc
  47. pc format magazine
  48. firework review
  49. comdex computer show
  50. the sims game
  51. republic game
  52. intel developer forum
  53. usb website
  54. serial ata website
  55. pci sig
  56. computer music magazine
  57. nasa science website
  58. haunted places index
  59. online spells database
  60. phoenix paranorman investigators
  61. british big cats
  62. bigfoot field researchers organisation
  63. loch ness webcam
  64. seti@home
  65. ufo sightings uk
  66. ouija boards
  67. lucas arts
  68. cycling manager game
  69. security software
  70. netscape
  71. jabber msn, icq +yahoo replacement
  72. the whitehouse
  73. big celebrities
  74. security focus bugtracking website
  75. civilisation 3 game
  76. Associate programs

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  1. Bloomberg
  2. What's On Now
  3. MSNBC
  4. Internet Radio Guide
  5. Windows Media Showcase
  6. CNET Today - Technology News
  7. CBS
  8. NBC VideoSeeker
  9. Disney
  11. Hollywood Online
  12. Capitol Records
  13. Universal Studios Online


  1. Customize Links
  2. Free Hotmail
  3. Windows
  4. eGroups
  5. Project Galactic Guide Homepage
  6. Lincolnshire Linux User Group
  7. Who Was Martin Niemoller
  8. Voices Forum
  9. Moulton bicycles
  10. Classmates - Registration
  11. - Game Status
  12. General Reviews at Tangled Web UK
  13. Welcome To MILK Kommunikations Ko-Op
  14. Mars and outer planets trading post.
  15. ian bell's elite homepage




  1. The Database Specific Search Engine presented by

artificial inteligence

  1. Expert Systems
  2. Historical Projects
  3. Knowledge Representation


  1. Data Flow Diagramming
  2. MISO - Data Flow Diagrams (team 25)
  3. Basic Systems Analysis Tools for Computer Users
  4. Data Flow Diagramming Technique
  5. Data Flows Data Flow Diagramming
  6. Guidelines for Robot Writers



  1. The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2
  2. shaolinux temple
  3. Linux From Scratch
  4. MPI - The Message Passing Interface Standard
  5. MOSIX
  6. Newbie's Top Ten Commands
  7. Security-Enhanced Linux
  8. Beowulf Parallel Computing
  9. Linux Counter Home Page
  10. Linux Junior - Your community driven Linux site!
  11. Jay Beale's Linux-UNIX Security Articles
  12. RT-Linux - TinyLinux distributions
  13. The Open Source Initiative Halloween Documents
  14. How to Hook up PPP in Linux
  15. Linux-HA Project Web Site
  16. SourceForge Project Info - Scheduling Utilities
  17. Linux Distributions Guide
  18. Dranch's HomePage - Linux A -REAL- O-S
  20. Programming in C
  21. GCC Home Page
  22. Gnu
  23. Artificial Intelligence - Psychnet-UK
  24. Languages
  25. The World Wide Web Consortium
  26. The Web Standards Project Action
  27. The Beowulf Documentation Project
  28. DJGPP
  29. Cygwin
  30. CetusSoft Security Programs for Windows
  31. Download The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2 (HTML)
  32. Amaya Home Page
  33. Server Operating Systems Technical Comparison
  34. The Rise of ``Worse is Better''
  35. A primer on distributed computing.
  36. Pocket


  1. Spaceguard UK 2
  2. Space-Talk The Forum for Astronomy, Space and related topics.
  3. BBC News SCI-TECH 'Failed star' delights astronomers


general semantics

  1. International Society for General Semantics
  2. BBC News SCI-TECH
  4. Nexialist News, Milo's Home Page
  5. Institute of Nexialism
  6. The Journal of Conceptual Modeling
  7. CXI Schematics
  8. Ionization As A Factor In Our Environment and Health JULY 1997
  9. Introduction Primer on Molecular Genetics
  10. Stephen Hawking
  11. THCi - Homepage - Main Index Cannabis information

website links

  1. - Celebrity Web Sites


  1. Fantastic Fiction Bibliographies

tv links

  1. BBC Online - Entertainment

german word references

  1. Duden Homepage


  1. The Internet Dictionary Project
  2. Free SpeedBible by - Index - Download Free SpeedBible Software and Free Microsoft Access Bible Database
  3. Freeality Online Translation Dictionaries
  4. Electronic pocket talking dictionaries and translators, online
  5. Clix
  6. InterTran

Savile Row jeans tailors

  1. Richard James
  2. Gieves & Hawkes
  3. Evisu
  4. Timothy Everest

Bespoke Suits

  1. mark powell
  3. eddie
  4. tom baker
  5. john

carpentry workshop suppliers

  6. graham and


  1. Xybernaut Wearable computers

h2g2 peer review

  1. A395020 genetic engineering
  2. A462610 cookies
  3. A492338 fundamentals of law
  4. BBC Online - h2g2 - Telephone Sanitizers - A603596
  5. BBC Online - h2g2 - - U54963


  1. BBC Online - h2g2 - Intelligence project index - A584525
  2. BBC Online - h2g2 - intelligence - A598584

internal combustion engines

  1. BBC Online - h2g2 - Project Internal-Combustion Engines - A629417
  2. BBC Online - h2g2 - Rotary Engines - A650945
  3. BBC Online - h2g2 - Four-Stroke Internal Combustion Engines - A633232
  4. BBC Online - h2g2 - Two-Stroke Engines - A650918
  5. BBC Online - h2g2 - Diesel Engines - A650936
  6. BBC Online - h2g2 - Alternative Engines - A637661
  7. BBC Online - h2g2 - Airplane Engines (Combustion) - A650297
  8. BBC Online - h2g2 - The University Admissions Office - A338915
  9. intelligence forum on my page
  10. intelligence forum
  11. Intelligence forum for the university project
  12. BBC Online - h2g2 - Theories of Intelligence - A582301
  13. BBC Online - h2g2 - Intelligence and Genius - A582293
  14. BBC Online - h2g2 - Machines and Intelligence - A582284
  15. BBC Online - h2g2 - Animal Intelligence - A582275
  16. BBC Online - h2g2 - What is Intelligence - A582266
  17. BBC Online - h2g2 - Intelligence Tests - A582257
  18. BBC Online - h2g2 - Evoked Potential - A582248
  19. BBC Online - h2g2 - General Intelligence - A582239
  20. BBC Online - h2g2 - Specific Intelligences - A582220
  21. animal itelligence in hard to name Forum
  22. Anthropology Enculturated Apes
  23. Language in child and chimp
  24. Multiple Intelligences Theory
  25. BBC Online - h2g2 - Project Extra-Sensory Perception - A573824
  26. Welcome to the Global UltraHIQ Community
  27. BBC Online - h2g2 - Theory of Evolution of Human Intelligence - A622982
  28. BBC - h2g2 - Project Evolution and Creation - A672248
  29. h2g2 xyroth U149792
  30. research at xyroth enterprises
  31. h2g2 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  32. h2g2 Peer Review A395589
  33. h2g2 Reading the Guide A462485
  34. Interesting h2g2 Statistics
  35. BBC Online - h2g2 - H2G2's Musehome - A420661
  36. BBC Online - h2g2 - The Singularity - A512902
  37. BBC Online - h2g2 - Smileys - A155909
  38. BBC Online - h2g2 - Brainstorming Board - A527708
  39. BBC Online - h2g2 - What's Coming Up - A395822
  40. BBC Online - h2g2 - Miscellaneous Chat - A121096
  41. BBC Online - h2g2 - Links and addresses - A544051
  42. BBC Online - h2g2 - Petition for Greater Freedom on h2g2 - A544943
  43. BBC Online - h2g2 - Update Headquarters - A496451
  44. BBC Online - h2g2 - The Flea Market - A608762
  45. BBC Online - h2g2 - h2g2 Feedback - Editorial Feedback - A388334
  46. BBC Online - h2g2 - h2g2 Post 27.09.01 - A619328

boston astronomers

society lists

  1. SPACE-TALK Links Astronomy Amateur
  2. The LINEAR Project Home Page
  3. IAU Minor Planet Center
  4. International Astronomical Union
  5. Campaign for Dark Skies


  2. Education Online - Education Otherwise
  3. Red Balloon Centre - bullying recovery service
  4. British Mensa Home Page - UK England Scotland Wales & N Ireland
  5. BBC Arts Poetry Out Loud

search engines

  1. AltaVista
  2. Ask Jeeves!
  3. Google
  4. Lycos
  5. - - 37 SEARCH ENGINES ! -
  6. C4 TotalSearch Technology
  8. Freeality Find People - Missing People
  9. zyra's list of Search Engines

hardware links

  1. DE-812TP+ - DE-816TP - DE-824TP Unmanaged Hubs
  2. D-Link Systems, Inc. DE-812TP+ Ethernet 12-port Hub
  3. Ap B. Glossary [ Configuring and Managing Host-Based X.25 Links ]
  4. 98lite / XPlite Installer Products
  5. Real DOS-Mode Patch for Windows Millennium was
  6. Welcome to Learning Company Online Store
  7. NVIDIA Home
  8. Volumetric 3D display

web help tools

  1. W3C HTML Validation Service
  2. Welcome to Bobby WorldWide CAST
  3. WDG HTML Validator
  4. The WDG's Links to Validators
  5. Web Page Purifier


  1. MSN
  2. Radio Station Guide
  3. Web Events
  4. yahoo babelfish translator
  5. Data Flow Diagrams - jul
  6. Boston Borough Council's Official Web Site
  7. Hotlist Panels for Opera 6
  8. Frankie Roberto

automatic configuration tools

  1. making systems configuration more declarative
  2. BCFG
  3. Cfengine
  4. LCFG
  5. Linuxconf home
  6. Quattor

software packaging

  1. package management using trip & unionfs
  2. Software Release Practice HOWTO
  3. Encap Archive
  4. ESP Package Manager
  5. Smart Package Manager - Labix


  1. House of Commons Hansard Debates for 27 Mar 2008 (pt 0015)

windows vista

  1. A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection
  2. Christmas Shopping: Vista Over XP? - Microsoft has announced Vista's release dates. From a security standpoint what choice should consumers take during this Christmas shopping season? Most will be faced with Windows XP only or Windows XP with Microsoft's Express Upgrade option to Vista. Federico Biancuzzi interviewed a wide range of security researchers and anti-virus folks to get some consensus on the security of Vista over Windows XP for consumers, with some advice for corporate users as well.
  3. Audio in Windows Vista - Windows Vista - Creative Labs

affiliate programs

pages where the affiliate programs for a company can be found:

  1. Tux Games - The Online Store for Linux Games Tux Games - The Linux games store, stocking all of the games for Linux
  2. Affiliate Program :, Leading source for Linux products - : Affiliate Program - linux distribution, linux live cd, linux, linux hardware, linux distros, linux software, open source software, suse, fedora, knoppix, ubuntu, debian, debain, mandriva, rr4, securedvd, mandrake, centosSoftware Hardware Workstations Servers Laptops T-Shirts Media PC Linux Reviews Books Linux/BSD CDs Mini-ITX Bundles Mini-ITX Cases Mini-ITX Mainboards Linux Bundles Linux on USB Drive Documentation Mini-ITX Parts Test Products Nano-ITX Linux Downloads
  3. Resellers for Linux Training - Become a Linux Trainign Reseller. Linux Samba, File Sharing, Mandrake Linux 9.1 operating system. Linux hardware, build and repair linux computers and servers. Also complete Linux+ Certification training package. Linux Training, Linux,A+ certification, Mandrake 9.1
  4. komtoo search

Personal Toolbar Folder

  1. Fedora Weekly News

Community Support

  1. More Support & Discussion

Fedora Core 6

  1. Red Hat Magazine

Garbage Collection

  1. Object-Orientation FAQ -- 3.9) Why is Garbage Collection A Good Thing?
  2. GC FAQ -- draft
  3. Incremental Mature Garbage Collection Using the Train Algorithm
  4. The Memory Management Reference - Memory management information including a glossary, an FAQ, and a bibliography
  5. A garbage collector for C and C++

in-car pc

  1. Flux introduces Centrafuse
  2. Kustom PC's

software tools

  1. Tux Games - The Online Store for Linux Games - Tux Games - The Linux games store, stocking all of the games for Linux
  3. Php scripts, affiliate scripts, ecommerce scripts, linux scripts, popup script, doorway script and other profit making scripts. - cheap but profit making scripts for download
  4. Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS): A practical way to cure human aging - Website of Dr. Aubrey de Grey
  5. Josie's Dragonfly - Josie Grove Leukaemia Fund - Helping children and teenagers living with Cancer
  6. PLAYSTATION 3 Help & Support - Guides: - PLAYSTATION 3 System Software updates - System Software updates available soon.
  7. Overview of the Security Risk Management Guide - The Security Risk Management Guide helps customers of all types plan, build, and maintain a successful security risk management program. The guide explains how to conduct each phase of a four-phase risk management program and how to build an ongoing process to measure and drive security risks to an acceptable level. This guide is technology agnostic and references many industry accepted standards for managing security risk. It is an important example of Microsoft's commitment to delivering quality guidance to help customers secure their Information Technology (IT) infrastructures. This guide incorporates real-world experiences from Microsoft IT and also includes input from Microsoft customers and partners.
  8. Daring Fireball: Translation From PR-Speak to English of Selected Portions of Macrovision CEO Fred Amoroso's Response to Steve Jobs's 'Thoughts on Music'
  9. Worse is Better
  10. Online Surveys - Software to Create and Send | Zoomerang - Create and send online surveys, view the results in real-time. With Zoomerang software, it's easy and affordable.
  11. Debt Problems: Where to start, what to do, where to get help... - This step-by-step checklist for anyone worried about problem debts includes how to get cheaper credit, challenge loan agreements, budget.


  1. Welcome to Laverstoke Park - The biggest small-holding in the world.

operating systems

  1. broad os research
  2. crash-only design
  3. getting beyond c
  4. LWN Distributions List
  5. Main Page - OSDevWiki
  6. Microsoft Research Operating Systems Group - Operating Systems Group, Microsoft Reesarch
  7. ­Using Computers to Diagnose Computer Problems
  8. Read lfs Hints Online
  9. IBM Research | Autonomic Computing | Overview - IBM Research Autonomic Computing Overview
  10. Study Questions Whether Reliance On Microsoft Software Raises Security Concerns - Technology News by TechWeb - A panel of leading security experts blast Microsoft for vulnerabilities in its software, and warned that reliance on the Redmond, Wash.-based developer's software is a danger to both enterprises and national security.

migrating to openness

  1. The role of WINE in Linux desktop enterprise migration strategies - News, views, and articles on using Linux on enterprise and end-user desktops.
  2. FLOSS Manuals (en)
  3. Case Study: SynaptiCAD
  4. Shipping Your Windows Application for Linux using Wine
  5. The importance of the WINE project - News, views, and articles on using Linux on enterprise and end-user desktops.
  6. Bradner: Obeying Microsoft: Is Wine the way? - LinuxWorld - If you are a Mac or Linux user and need to run an application that works only on Microsoft operating systems in theory, you have a number of options. But Microsoft has decided to make some of the options harder, or at least more expensive, than they should be.
  7. Penguin Moves to Disney - Penguin Moves to Disney
  8. Groklaw - Myths About Samba by Andrew Tridgell
  9. | Why Open Source Technology? - Red Hat is the world's leading open source technology solutions provider. What is Open Source? Explore the open source model and the revolution of open technology development.
  10. Vietnam: 100 percent open source by 2010? | The Open Road - CNET News - Country's government sets an ambitious goal for its software operations, mandating that products such as, Thunderbird, and Firefox be installed before July. Read this blog post by Matt Asay on The Open Road.
  11. The Bordeaux Technology Group | Windows Applications on FreeBSD, PC-BSD and Linux
  12. Darwine - FAQ


  1. Advogato: Financing Volunteer Free Software Projects
  3. Slashdot | How To Fix the Poor Usability of Free Software - How To Fix the Poor Usability of Free Software -- article related to Developers, GUI, and Software.
  4. NixOS
  5. :: Nix fixes dependency hell on all Linux distributions - A next-generation package manager called Nix provides a simple distribution-independent method for deploying a binary or source package on different flavours of Linux, including Ubuntu, Debian, SUSE, Fedora, and Red Hat. Even better, Nix does not interfere with existing package managers. Unlike existing package managers, Nix allows different versions of software to live side by side, and permits sane rollbacks of software upgrades. Nix is a useful system administration tool for heterogeneous environments and developers who write software supported on different libraries, compilers, or interpreters.
  6. WineHQ - How to do regression testing using CVS - Open Source Software for running Windows applications on other operating systems.
  7. Creating an INF File
  9. "Reply-To" Munging Considered Harmful
  10. Software Distribution Using the ESP Package Manager
  11. ESP Package Manager
  12. Stacked Git - Summary [Gna!] - This server is a central point for development, distribution and maintainance of software. It runs on Savane.
  13. YouTube - Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git - Linus Torvalds visits Google to share his thoughts on git, the source control management system he created two years ago.
  14. YouTube - Git - Google Tech TalksOctober, 12 2007ABSTRACTWhen you have hundreds of people simultaneously patching 25000 files of the Linux Kernel in sometimes conflicting ways.
  15. YouTube - Contributing with Git - Google Tech TalksOctober 27, 2008ABSTRACTSource code versioning is an invaluable tool for software development:- users can easily track the newest versions
  16. YouTube - "The Clean Code Talks -- Unit Testing" - Google Tech TalksOctober, 30 2008ABSTRACTClean Code Talks - Unit TestingSpeaker: Misko Hevery
  17. YouTube - GTAC 2008: Context-Driven Test Automation - How to Build the System You Reall... - Google Tech TalksOctober 24, 2008ABSTRACTGTAC 2008: Context-Driven Test Automation - How to Build the System You Really NeedThe Third Annual Google Test Auto.
  18. How to Participate in the Linux Community | Linux Developer Network
  19. Welcome! - Free Software Directory - Free Software Foundation

  1. Linux's role in Microsoft's decline - Linux news, views, rumors, and buzz.
  2. Open source advocates hail appeals court ruling - LinuxWorld - Free software advocates are praising a federal appeals ruling that allows greater protection for open-source software against copyright infringement.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Help and Tutorials
  2. Customize Firefox
  3. Get Involved
  4. About us


  1. ASUS Member Login
  2. ASUS Eee PC
  3. ASUS Support
  4. ASUSTeK Computer

  1. Yahoo
  2. Craigslist
  3. E bay
  5. Wikipedia
  6. IMDB
  7. C net
  8. MSN
  9. YouTube
  10. Google

  1. MediaWrap
  2. Demon Tweeks Motorsport, Motorcycle, Modifying, Parts and Accessories - for all your racing needs we have roll cages, racesuits, helmets, bags, race boots, karting suits and much more available to buy from Demon Tweeks Direct Online.
  3. My Lisp Experiences and the Development of GNU Emacs - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
  4. Retrocomputing - MIT CADR Lisp Machines
  5. OpenStreetMap
  6. WineHQ - World Wine News 338 - Open Source Software for running Windows applications on other operating systems.
  7. Timeline of GNU/Linux and Unix