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Here are the insurance companies we know about:

  1. The AA
  2. Lloyds TSB

People tend to be chronically underinsured, so do make sure you get occasional insurance valuations for your valuable items, and insure accordingly.

Be aware that a lot of travel insurance is a bit of a con, because for loss of property, while they do pay out, they will then try and claw the money back from your house insurance. However the health aspect of it is well worth it. If you travel more than about 3 times a year, consider annual insurance instead of per trip insurance.

Also, be aware that almost without exception, insurance companies will not insure competition bicycles while you are racing, or music equipment while you are out performing, or photographic equipment when it is out being used, so you need specialist insurance. You can even insure your mobile phone, or your ability to do what mums do.

Bear in mind that Pensions are also a form of insurance, against poverty in later life, so make sure you have something in place to cover your needs.