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Independent Affiliate Programs

Some companies prefer to run their own affiliate program, which seems at first sight to be a good idea, until you realise that most companies make a lot of mistakes when doing it.

Another problem is that because of the contracts, it doesn't scale, so Select Advertising affiliates with hundreds of merchants when given an option of spending all afternoon reviewing a contract for a merchant, or for a network with hundreds of merchants will choose the network first every time.

This means that independent programs will have many more small, low traffic, select advertising affiliates, and fewer large, high volume, Splat Advertising affiliates. See How affiliate marketing should work for good and bad practices.

NOTE: a lot of companies are dumping new york based affiliates (and 4 other states) based on the short sighted New York Affiliate Tax

Here are some of the companies with independant programs.

  1. 2u Mobile Phone Insurance
  2. 123-reg
  3. 3 mobile
  4. Amazon
  5. Customised Phone Covers
  6. WorldPay