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Web Hosting

After avoiding the problems with Domain name registration, you now need hosting.

At first this looks easy, you just use some free webspace from one of the Internet Service Providers, except this has a number of problems.

If you just want to stick a few pages online somewhere, and have bought a domain name to make pointing to your space easier, then you won't have problems for a while. However free webspace is know to search engines, and is marked down accordingly. Also, the pages on your free webspace don't credit you, they credit your isp.

A much bigger problem is bandwidth. If you have a small number of text pages, it takes a while to hit the limit, but throw in a couple of big pictures, and most isp's start throttling, so your pages don't always appear to be there.

This would be bad enough, but it also means search engines can't reliably find them, which again gets you marked down, and more importantly, most isp's don't tell you when you are using too much bandwidth. Usually, they either just throttle the servers making your site less and less visible, or in the worst cases, they throw you off without warning, which among other things also breaks your email.

A better solution is to get hosting from a reputable and reasonable hosting company. While they will charge you a fee, they provide extra services in return.

Specifically, all your pages credit you, so you search engine ranking will usually increase as your site size increases, they will ask for more money when you overload your bandwidth, often only after a while, but they do give you advanced warning about using too much bandwidth.

They also give you access to various extras like the logfiles (very useful), scripts for counters and forms, and in somecases online store facilities.

The following companies are immune from the problems mentioned above.

  1. 123-Reg
  2. 1&1
  3. Active 24
  4. Rackspace
  5. VivoStar - our sister site
  6. Web Impact