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H2G2 Pals

During the great H2G2 disappearing act, It was noted that there was a problem finding your friends on h2g2, as it wasn't there. Therefore, I have decided to try and get a list of hitch hikers guide to the galaxy members, with their websites as well. This way, it is much harder for us to get split up. In a similar way, J'au-śmne has decided to start a h2g2 webring.

To be added to this page, fill in your details on the Form filling page.

So here are the first few pals from H2G2:

  1. A girl called ben and her website is http://uk.geocities.com/agirlcalledben which is gone
  2. Acidbath
  3. Admiral Articuno who's website is http://members.lycos.co.uk/cgecommand/index.html
  4. aka
  5. Alji
  6. Amy the Ant
  7. Apparition who's website is at Terra envy
  8. ArgonO
  9. Arpeggio, virago of LeKZ!
  10. Barton who's website is http://www.eznetinc.net/users/brolsky
  11. Beeblefish
  12. Bossel
  13. Bright Blue Shorts
  14. Broelan
  15. Captain SpankMonki
  16. Chesebeth
  17. Coelacanth
  18. Colonel Sellers
  19. Croz
  20. Cybercat
  21. Dax
  22. Dr E viebenstein who's website is evibenstein.co.uk
  23. Dragonfly, the mother muse
  24. Egon who's website is http://www.geocities.com/maltloaf_98 which is gone
  25. Ging gang gooly who is also Global village idiot
  26. Gnomon
  27. Gosho
  28. Grand Admiral Zapdos
  29. Greebo T cat
  30. GTBachus
  31. Happy Dude who's website is http://www.peter-tynan.org/ and who now has some Gopherspace at Happy's World
  32. Helium bandit
  33. Huw
  34. Incognitas
  35. J'au-śmne who's website is at Spacegirl
  36. Jarve
  37. Jimi X
  38. JLC the TTP
  39. Kaeori
  40. Lucinda (AKA MyRedDice) who's website is redirected to the user page on wikipedia
  41. Mandragora Scrymidden who's website is The Mandragorine Vine
  42. Maw who's website is at Alledora
  43. Michele - Doily mogul
  44. Mikey the Humming Mouse
  45. Mina - muse of human bondage
  46. Minesweeper and the alter-ego
  47. Mr Cogito
  48. Nexus Seven
  49. Nuno who's website is http://www.geocities.com/nuno_tu/ which is gone.
  50. Orcus
  51. Owl of Doom
  52. Pheroneous
  53. Playboy Reporter who left because he didn't like criticism, and came back as clay_toy, still having learned nothing about what he did wrong to get the criticism.
  54. Portable chaos
  55. SchrEck Inc
  56. Shadow
  57. Shanana the cannibalistic banana, who's website is http://www.geocities.com/kefzukrachsha which is gone
  58. SoEasilyAmused
  59. Trillina's child
  60. Tube
  61. Typolifi
  62. Very Important Princess
  63. Wanderin' star
  64. Xyroth who's website you are currently looking at.
  65. Yeliab Salohcin and his website at university
  66. Yowuzupman
  67. Zathras