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Domain Name Registrations

So you have decided to get a domain name for yourself or your company. Well, there are a few things to be careful about.

First, you have to find a suitable and available domain name. Some companies encourage you use their system to find such a name, and then register it and try and extort money out of you to get it from them. This is called cybersquatting, and is never reasonable.

Some companies let you register the domain name cheaply, but register it to themselves, and charge you a lot to do anything with it, be that hosting, or even moving it away. This is often almost as bad as cybersquatting, especially when it is one of the american administered domains like .net, .org, or .com. There are also some companies who deliberately try and con you into renewing your domain name with them, which causes all sorts of problems, so if you get a renewal notice, check it carefully.

Then you have companies like dotworlds and new.net, who will sell you any domain you can think of, but neglect to mention the fundamental flaws with their system. specifically, they are expensive, only visible if you have their plug-in in internet explorer, and are fundamentally vulnerable to having new domain letter combinations recognised.

None of these companies have any of those problems

  1. 123-Reg
  2. Web Impact

Finally, don't forget to get the common variants of your domain name. if you go for the com, net and org names, make sure that you get all three. Also, prefer unhyphenated names to hyphenated ones, and hyphenated to those using underlines. It is also worth getting the local domains as well, for example .co.uk or .com.au, but not things like .com.uk or uk.com.

Having got your domain names, you will probably want some hosting.

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