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Deep Linking

Every website has a policy on deep linking, but not all of them are aware of it, and those who are often don't state what it is.

Put simply, it refers to if you are expected to always enter via the front page, or if you can enter via any page on the website. It also refers to how long such a link should be valid after the page becomes obsolete.

For sites based on frames, the policy is not only implicit, but it is hard coded into the design of the site that you should only enter from the front page, and often the site doesn't really work if you enter directly at any other page.

Of course this doesn't stop the pages being found by search engines, they just are not really usable when they are found, which is just one of the many reasons why frames based websites are a bad idea.

Most sites have an implicit but unpublicised policy of not being designed to be entered without going via the front page, but the pages sometimes work if you go direct.

Even when sites do have a policy that you should be able to enter via any page, and it should make sense, they often don't apply it to page aging and expiring.

This can bee seen by the fact that the bbc doesn't really state that it's news pages will typically disappear after two years, and they are by no means the only ones.

In fact just how bad this is can be seen from the disgraceful statistic that if you have a lot of links out of your website, as many as 50 percent per year will rot.

Also there are a large number of dead pages that appear on search engines but have problems because the webmaster assumes you can't get to it from the front page, so you can't get to it.

The policy here is more mature. Any page should be ok to arrive at, and should be fine to do ok on search engines. Also when the page dies, it should be bunged up properly, so that links to it continue to work, and preferably to redirect the visitor to somewhere useful.

Even dead pages and relink pages continue to work here for years after they should be unnecessary. Because a lot of merchants don't get why you should do this, they get surprised when the Select Advertising dedicated page is not deleted immediately that their affiliate program ends.