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Credit Cards

Credit cards were available from the following Merchants:

  1. American Express
  2. Barclaycard business credit card
and expired are:
  1. AccuCard
  2. Bank of Scotland
  3. Citibank
  4. Decision Finance Business Credit Cards
  5. Discover Platinum Gas Card
  6. Egg Card - with the Buy.at problem
  7. Goldfish credit card
  8. the GM credit card
  9. Lloyds TSB
  10. Marbles
  11. MBNA & charity cards - denied followed by the Buy.at problem
  12. NatWest credit card
  13. RSPCA Charity Credit Card - with the Buy.at problem
  14. More Than
  15. Morgan Stanley
  16. Orchard Bank credit card
  17. Virgin Money Credit Card

Except we now have 17 of them who have gone because they don't understand how the FSA act relates to affiliates, or other short sighted policies.

See also Zyra's credit card page.

Speaking of problems, we now have a page about the Chip and Pin Security farce.

We would be promoting these merchants, but we have been Denied:

  1. Capital one - denied at buy.at
  2. World Perks credit card Denied at Commission Junction