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The Clique

This Clique is not some exclusivist setup, but is in fact a set of reciprocal links between people who will happily link to all the other people on the list.

these include:

  1. Xyroth-Enterprises.co.uk the business website
  2. Xyroth.net the personal website
  3. www.real-linux.org.uk - the campaign
  4. www.real-linux.co.uk - the attempt at a mini distro which is compatable with it
  5. www.the.real.name
  6. Pescu.net
  7. Pescu.org
  8. Pescu.com
  9. www.pescu.co.uk
  10. www.pescu.org.uk
  11. The Web Impact page at Bostan Removals
  12. VoicesForum.org.uk
  13. Zyra.org.uk
  14. Zyra.net
  15. Zyra.tv
  16. Zyra.me.uk
  17. Zyra.info
  18. Zyra.biz
  19. Zyra.co.uk
  20. Zyra.org (what? No "UK"?)

And yet to be developed:

  1. Plus Xyroth's extra domains .com, .org, .co.uk, and .org.uk
  2. Xyroth Enterprises domains .net, .com, .org, .co.uk, and .org.uk - The main site being www.xyroth-enterprises.co.uk
  3. and variants without the hyphen .net, .com, .org, .co.uk, and .org.uk

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