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The job of an Airline is to move large numbers of people from one place to another by air. Because you need serious levels of support services, aircraft use airports, which are hopefully properly integrated into the road and rail networks.

Another issue is that aircraft use lots of fuel, so there is a move towards "modal shift", where you take a train or other cleaner mode of transport instead of planes where sensible.

However successful they are with encouraging modal shift, there are still some journeys where it is essential that you fly. For example trying to take a train to Barbados or Australia wouldn't work.

Here are the airlines that we know of:

  1. Aer Lingus
  2. Air France UK
  3. Air New Zealand
  4. Cathay Pacific
  5. KLM UK
  6. Lufthansa UK
  7. Singapore Airlines
  8. Swiss International Airlines
  9. Virgin Atlantic
See also the following airlines at Zyra's website:
  1. Continental Airlines
  2. Monarch Airlines
and the following have Expired Affiliate programs:
  1. Air Berlin
  2. 4 Airlines
  3. Air2000
  4. Aloha Airlines
  5. Excel Airways - went bust
  6. Germanwings

You can also buy flights without having to go through the airline.